The important thing in choosing a house is sunshine

Things to keep in mind for safe living

The important thing in choosing a house is sunshine
In recent years, large earthquakes occurred frequently throughout the country. Since a big earthquake happens suddenly one day, it is crucial to regularly carry out disaster prevention measures for living for families' safety. Let's make disaster prevention measures properly as far as it is possible to fix not to let the furniture collapse with a big tremor. Although there may be many people who exaggerately think about housing disaster prevention measures, it is said that even very easy things can lead to disaster prevention measures. For example, do not put as much as possible on the floor. By doing so, even when a sudden big earthquake occurs and you have to escape, you can go to the entrance without fear of your feet and escape.

If objects are littering in the house, it may be a hindrance when it escapes, so conscious of being organized regularly, devising measures not to put things on the floor Let's do. Also, it is said that it is effective for disaster prevention measures of your home to dispose of unnecessary things on a daily basis and to place only what you need in your home. In many homes, things are scattered in the room due to the big tremor of the earthquake, glass and plastics are cracked and scattered on the floor, there is also worry that you will injure your feet when escaping. In case of a moment, it is good to clean up the house cleanly on a daily basis.

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