The important thing in choosing a house is sunshine

Family room for 3 people chose by family

The important thing in choosing a house is sunshine
As a result of the declining birthrate, it is a late marriage as well as a problem of childcare system. The system that makes women easier to work after childbirth and the nursery school system are changing but they do not seem to catch up. There seems to be many people who wish to make children for about 2 people, but for economic reasons it seems to be only one person. As a family you will find a house where three people can live.

There are 2DK, 2LDK, 3DK, 3LDK and floor plan which 3 people choose. The size of the room varies according to the property, so it can not be said unequivocally, but as a minimum, it would be good if there is a room where the family can come together, a couple's room and a child's room. It seems that there are many families who choose 2DK or 2LDK. Even if one child increases, it is possible to grow up in one room somehow.

Some people prefer 3DK or 3LDK as they may be wider as desired. If you decide to make two children without fail, you probably choose to spread. In the case of an apartment there is a single building and several layouts are prepared. It depends on what kind of arrangements are prepared in the property. As more people choose 2 LDK, the number of 2 LDK properties increases and it becomes easy to purchase.

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