The important thing in choosing a house is sunshine

Floor plan for housing to choose when living alone

The important thing in choosing a house is sunshine
As a case of living alone, students will often go on to university and so on. Many universities have many student apartments, such as student apartments. There is a kitchen, a bath and a toilet in the floor called mostly 1R, but there is no distinction between a kitchen and a room. There is 1K as a little broad type. This is separate from the kitchen room. I can live with such a margin.

As a college student, if you are under 20 years old you can not contract even if you are an underage. Often you will live on remittance. I can not wish for a very wide place. I will definitely become 1R. When you become a social worker, your place of residence changes according to your own income. If revenue is 100 million, you can choose a house with 1 K, 1 DK and other room that makes room other than the living room relax.

There is a single assignment as an independent living. Children may live apart when they are junior high and high school girls. If you only live, 1R, 1K, etc. may be acceptable, but it may be lonely if it is too narrow. From that we may use 2DK and many other rooms in the room. Even if my family comes to stay, I do not have any problems if I have two rooms. Rent may be reasonable in rural areas.

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