The important thing in choosing a house is sunshine

The size of the residence where two people live together for a newlywed

The important thing in choosing a house is sunshine
There are children suddenly when getting married. Sometimes the other person has a child, but in some cases they get married when they are pregnant. It is not a time not to live together unless you marry as in the way of life. Before marriage, parents are also officially recognized and live together. If you live together in advance, you will continue to live as it is after marriage.

In the case of newlyweds many people live by themselves. It is a layout of the house to choose at this time. When it becomes 1R or 1K, it becomes more than it because there are many places where two people can not live. There are people to choose from 1LDK to 2DK, 2LDK, and 3LDK. There is nothing that I can not live even with 1 LDK. There is a place to relax and there is also a bedroom. You will have to change your room if you can have a child.

There are 2LDK as many patterns. I think about the storage that there are two rooms. In the case of women there are cases where you have plenty of clothes and in that case it may be difficult to store in only one room. Also, if you purchase, you need to consider future children. At first, if you live together with two people and you have children, you can make one as a child's room. If two people's income is high, you may live in 3LDK and others.

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